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Medea Louder Than My Thoughts

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Director: Nikos Grammatikos


Based on the original play by Euripides, this unique adventure is set in the streets of Athens, where the director plays the role of detective. Throughout the investigation, we experience conversations with film theorists, directors and actors, while attending casting sessions and rehearsals.
But most importantly, we get to listen in on some awe-inspiring interviews with passers-by. In this unclassified docu-drama, Euripides’ original text is magically transformed into the narrative spearhead, where Medea’s story serves as a gateway into an unpredictable quest for lost symbols and concepts.
Ultimately, the purpose of this adventure is to find Medea’s legendary husband Jason, wonder who his modern-world equivalent would be, what went wrong and why he never managed to conquer his goals.



1st July 2015